AudioRealism DrumMachine VSTi 1.2.0

AudioRealism DrumMachine VSTi 1.2.0 | 7.36 MB
ADM is an 808, 909 and 606 emulator rolled into one also capable of triggering the user’s own samples. ADM contains 25 drum generators, each one carefully modeled after the classics’ analog circuits and 4 PCM players, for a total of 34 sounds (some generators have two sounds). Certain sounds have been extended with extra parameters, like the tuning and attack of the 606 bassdrum. The accents effect on bridged-T oscillators that make up the bassdrum and tom-tom sounds has been closely simulated and the hihats and cymbals sound and react very close to the originals. Check Homepage for more details about this product.
•Three realtime switchable drum machine models
•Internal 32 step sequencer with global accent per step, four prescale selections per pattern, flam and shuffle, 128 patterns per instance
•Pattern transformation functions: Expand, shrink, swap, duplicate steps, randomize pattern, randomize part, cut/copy/paste pattern and parts
•Undo function for pattern transformation functions
•Pattern Controlled FX (PCF) which can control any of the parameters for each step
•Various pattern transformation functions
•Full MIDI CC with learning function
•Rebirth pattern import
•Imports 909 Sysex
•Two MIDI modes (Pattern and Note)
•Tempo sync to host
•Polyphony: 11 parts total
•Outputs: 11 individual unprocessed (VST version only to date), 2 master outputs (processed)
•Pattern library
•Trigger your own .wav and .aif samples
•80+ example patterns