The ISE Design Suite 12 software unlocks greater design productivity with breakthrough technologies for power optimization and easier IP integration. Multiplatform solution provides the most advanced technology for design and design of programmable matrix crystals company Xilinx. An American company founded Xilinx in 1984 - one of the largest developers and manufacturers of integrated circuit programmable logic (PLD, FPGA). In the 2010 fiscal year, the company calculates a USD 1.8 billion operating profit and expand its influence in the world market. According to statistics from the company, the share of Xilinx PLD in the world market currently amounts to more than 51%.
The main products of the company - flash user base matrix crystals (Field Programmable Gate Array, or FPGA), flash chips with traditional PAL architecture (Complex Programmable Logic Devices, or CPLD), as well as their means of designing and debugging. Manufactured by Xilinx chips used in digital devices, information processing - such as telecommunications and communications, computing, and peripheral testing equipment, household appliances. The company manufactures chips in various types of buildings and in several versions, including industrial, military, and radiation-resistant.

Brief overview produced by Xilinx programmable chips:
- CPLD (complex programmable logic device)
Chips differ the most simple structure and significant limitations in designing devices for them, but they do have one advantage - they do not need a configuration ROM. Limitations include the "greed" on the triggers and lack of flexibility. However, the CPLD are easy to learn and, therefore, are ideal for getting started with FPGAs in general.
- FPGA (field-programmable gate array)
Chip is much more complicated arranged (some even contain several processor cores PowerPC), requires a configuration ROM (this is explained by the fact that the chips themselves are built on technology Static RAM, that is, every time I turn them to "load"), but they are capable of accommodate a much more complex and larger projects than the CPLD and flexible enough for the designer (in particular removed the restriction on the number of triggers).
- Configuration ROM
Intended to boot SRAM FPGA. Family XC17xx - the oldest, is a single programmable chip. XC18xx - EEPROM, which means that they can be reprogrammed repeatedly. Platform Flash - a new family configuration chips made by technology Flash ROM.
As part of the package Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.3:
- ISE WebPACK (Free)
- ISE Design Suite: Logic Edition
- ISE Design Suite: Embedded Edition
- ISE Design Suite: DSP Edition
- ChipScope ? Pro and the ChipScope Pro Serial I / O Toolkit
- PlanAhead Design and Analysis
- System Generator for DSP ?
- Platform Studio and Embedded Development Kit (EDK)
- Software Development Kit (SDK)
- Lab Tools: Standalone Installation